Our fleet includes more than 120 Euro 6 compliant Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Man goods vehicles under three years of age. We also have several types of Schmitz, Krone and Kässbohrer trailers at our disposal: classic, tarpaulin, jumbo,refrigerators  and mega.

+ 120 trucks

New EURO 6 trucks. (Man, Mercedes, Volvo)

+ 120 trailers

Standard tarpaulin, mega, jumbo, flatbed, refrigerators.

Through the regular maintenance and modernisation of our fleet, we ensure smooth transports, fulfil the market requirements and deliver a quality transport service. In accordance with the ADR requirements, all goods vehicles are also equipped for the transport of dangerous cargo (ADR transports)

Our combination of vehicles and trailers allows us to adapt to the most demanding requirements of our business partners. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking equipment, so we always know the location and status of the shipment.

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