T&V Sped

T&V Sped is a transport company operating in the field of international transport. We are present in the countries of Western, Central and Northern Europe. We operate our own fleet of more than 120 transport vehicles and more than 120 trailers, as well as our own mechanic workshop. We employ more than 120 professional drivers.

T&V Sped was founded in 2014 based on family tradition. We later expanded to become a renowned partner in the field of transport. We are distinguished by our quality, reliability and safety, whilst our experienced team guarantees the timely and first-class delivery of the service.

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Modern fleet

Our modern fleet consists of more than 120 Euro 6 compliant Man, Mercedes Benz and Volvo transport vehicles.

Reliable team

The team of 20 logistics professionals and more than 120 professional drivers ensures that international transports are carried out in a diligent way.

ADR transports

We transport dangerous substances under the conditions of ADR convention, which demand specific treatment, packing, attachment and labelling of dangerous substances.

A broad partner network

We provide optimal logistic solutions to our customers in Western, Central and Northern Europe, which we achieve through fast delivery, the real-time tracking of the cargo and the express collection of the goods. We specialize in all loads in road traffic as well as ADR loads that require special handling of dangerous substances.

Development and vision

We are aware that development plays a key role in the quality delivery of the service, so we regularly maintain and upgrade our fleet. Our customer-oriented approach, flexibility, efficient resource management, employee care and sustainability will help us achieve our goal: becoming a key player in the field of international transport.


Join the T&V SPED team

Join the successful team of professional drivers at T&V Sped. We are a modern and well-equipped transport company that provides the best working conditions for our drivers. We take care of all the necessary documentation.

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